About the goods

Roskor company manufactures small-panel forms of “Evroform” system. This system is widely known around the world and has proven its efficiency at construction sites of any complexity.

Small-panel forms by Roskor are unique and are appropriate for a wide range of applications from construction of a cottage to a multi-storied residential complex. The range of panel sizes from 150 mm to 600 mm wide and from 1200 mm to 1500 mm high enables to make a variety of concrete structures: all types of foundations, pillars, foundation frames, elevator shafts, tunnels, swimming pools, supporting walls, etc. Small weight of a panel – just 23 kg, enables to avoid using lifting mechanisms at an object. Assembling the forms is very simple and can easily mastered.

The entire forms structure consists of the following elements: panels, outer and inner angles, connective feathers, pipes for rigidity, small and big hooks for fastening them. The only consumable elements are connective flat traction bars, which are selected depending on thickness of the structure.

Panels of various sizes consist of a metal frame made of a solid hot rolled sections 8mm thick and ribbed stiffeners 3 mm thick.

We make double-sided full penetrated welds to increase service life and ruggedness, which boosts resistance to pressure from concrete. Number of pouring cycles of structural frame is 200 at least. Roskor company uses birch tree plywood of the highest quality from Russian manufacturers in its production. Thickness of the plywood is 12 mm, density of the laminated film is 120 grams/sq.m. or higher, quantity of pouring cycles of such plywood is up to 60.

To ensure reliability in construction, Roskor company manufactures flat traction bars – you can order any size you need.

The factory has its own quality control cycle and a laboratory, where we check each batch. We always test ruggedness of welding seams, resistance to side pressure of concrete, wear resisting properties of the plywood outer film and tensile strength of traction bars.

All our goods are certified. All goods have all necessary certificates of compliance and comply with all state quality standards.