Small-panel forms from the manufacturer

Russian – Korean factory in Primorsky region. High quality at an affordable price.

    We have an in-house quality control laboratory.
    There is a quality control department at the factory, which inspects each batch. Ruggedness of welding seams, resistance to side pressure of concrete and wear resisting properties of the plywood outer film are tested at all times.
    Replacement of damaged forms
    We can promptly repair damaged forms. If you need forms soon, we can replace it with another used forms, so you will not need to interrupt construction works.

    Plywood rotation is 60 cycles.

    We make forming systems out of birch tree plywood of the highest grade from the leading Russian manufacturers. Density of the laminated film is 120 grams/sq.m. or higher.
    All goods are certified.
    All goods manufactured by Roskor Joint Venture Co., Ltd. have all necessary certificates of compliance and comply with all state quality standards.